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Technical Issues

Technical questions on the operation of this site.

Does this blog accommodate multiple languages?

Although the underlying blogging software does accommodate multiple languages, it does not include automatic translation. As the blog maintainer, I lack the skills needed to read or write in languages other than English. My nodding acquaintance with other languages simply doesn't extend to a capacity for serious discussion. If you wish to comment, do so in English. If you wish to translate this blog into other languages, the Internet does provide some modest capabilities for that purpose.

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Printing and PDF

This FAQ is not put in the form of a question. It is included to inform you about the printing and PDF functions of this web site. Whenever you encounter "Printer-friendly version" in an article or on a page, you may click on it to generate a more printer-friendly version. Similarly, whenever you encounter "PDF version", you may click on it to obtain a .pdf version of the article or page.

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Why not use a free blogging service for your blog?

Although services like Blogger and have many fine features, I have been frustrated by limited access to the code used to implement the software. I happen to be a semi-retired systems engineer, and LAMP software is relatively easy for me to modify and manage. Lack of access to code is, for me, analogous to the frustration an expert mechanic would feel if he or she were to lease, rather than own, a vehicle.

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What software do you use for this web site?

I use Drupal, a relatively advanced content management system that enables efficient blogging, as well as general publishing, social networking and collaboration. I probably use only 10% of its capabilities. Nevertheless, I find that its security features are sufficiently compelling to prefer it to more specialized packages. For further details, visit

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