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Forerunners of things to come...

The next killer app? How about voice recognition that works?


iPhone5Release has been touting a growing connection between Apple and Nuance Communications. Apparently, Apple is already integrating Nuance voice recognition technology into its data centers. Soon, it may be integrating its voice recognition technology into iPhone, iOS 5. See "Apple chooses Nuance for iOS5 Voice Recognition."

Jesse Lee, fiend or footnote? You decide.

It's not easy to figure out what Google considers news, these days. When I heard (on Fox "News Watch") about the appointment of liberal blogger Jesse Lee to be the White House "director of progressive media and online response" I rushed to look for an official announcement on the Internet. Naturally, I turned to Google, plugging in 'jesse lee media online "director of progressive media"' under their News category. I could not find such an announcement in an accredited news report. The closed thing I came up with was a posting in the Washington Post by blogger Ed O'Keefe, "Press shop comings and goings," which mentions Jesse Lee's appointment in paragraph three.

"To reach the unreachable star!"

Reversing the seemingly inexorable growth in the size and oppressiveness of government seems increasingly to be, not merely a Herculean task, but a Quixotic one. Thus, it seems apt that the above line from "The Impossible Dream," a hit tune from "Man of La Mancha", has an ironic interpretation that applies to our current political impasse.

America in retreat?

Pat Buchanan has another reflection on what is happening in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. See "The Vanishing American Footprint." There are some pretty important questions he fails to address in this review.


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