Submitted by frlarry on Fri, 07/29/2016 - 09:52

Are you suffering from PPTSD? Never fear, help is only a few short therapy sessions away!

Services OfferedRates
Group Grief Counseling$10/hr each
Individual Grief Counseling$25/hr
Group Reality Therapy$25/hr each
Rational Emotive Therapy$25/hr (individual only1
Family Systems Therapy$100/hr (families of 4 or less)
Family Counseling$250/hr (families of 5 to 11)
Family Counseling Plus$25/hr (families of 12 or more2 )
Individual Primal Scream Therapy$1000/hr3
Group Primal Scream Therapy$1,000,000/session4
  • 1No groups! Political obsession groups are too prone to hysteria to manage in a counselling session with RET).
  • 2Cheaper by the dozen!
  • 3Your counselor will need therapy after every sessoin!
  • 4Necessary to finance a small army to protect the therapist!