Submitted by frlarry on Thu, 12/01/2005 - 14:46
The Prime Minister of India has urged his people to "Talk about safe sex". I'd be happy if he could simply tell me what the term "safe sex" means. The Indian PM is concerned, of course, about the spread of HIV AIDS in his country. So far, so good, Mr. Prime Minister. I'm with you on that one.
Recent figures released by the government suggest that HIV is now spreading from traditional high-risk target groups, like truckers and sex workers in cities, to those living in rural areas.
Talking about truckers spreading HIV across the Indian country side is reminiscent of what people in the medical field have been saying about the spread of avian flu by migratory birds. My goodness, no wonder they're so concerned. HIV gets incubated in brothels and spread by truckers. It sounds like a formula for a major epidemic. But why is the PM focusing on "safe sex?" Wouldn't it be wiser to educate people on the relationship between promiscuity and the spread of HIV? Is it because he believes truckers and prostitutes are robots who are incapable of controlling their own actions? If that's the case, what possible impact could informing them about anything whatever have? If they're only robots, maybe they should just be rounded up and reprogrammed before they present a real threat to real people. Evidently the Indian Health Ministry has its own idea about what "safe sex" means.
The Indian Health Ministry is also speeding up a programme of setting up condom vending machines in public places like railway stations and airports so that people have easy access to them.
That reminds me of reports that college students in the U.S. are demanding to have condom vending machines installed in dormitories. (Like their French and Scandalinavian peers?) Somehow easy access to condoms is supposed to make sex safe. (It sounds to me like the real problem is that college dorms are no longer safe.) I guess the idea is "safe sex" is sex where there is no exchange of bodily fluids, the typical vector for HIV. That means no French kissing and no coitus non-interruptus. I suppose it also means the woman has to be dry. I imagine it also means no rough sex. Or else, maybe it means that the only way people having sex can touch each other is with a layer of plastic in between. They may as well sit in opposite corners and watch each other for all the fun that implies. Maybe that's what the PM means. I wonder how the truckers and prostitutes would feel about that (or, is it "feel through that")? Why is it such an elusive notion that having sex with someone in an infected population is risky business, i.e., not "safe?" They should put a sign over the brothel door, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."