Submitted by frlarry on Fri, 12/02/2005 - 15:13
Dictionary.com has a rather illuminating definition of the term "psychobabble." Given here, they define it as
Language characterized by the often inaccurate use of jargon from psychiatry and psychotherapy: “Discussions... sometimes... consist of consciousness-raising psychobabble, with the students' feelings and experiences valued as much as anything the professor or texts have to offer” (Karen Lehrman).

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Indian PM: 'Talk about safe sex'

Submitted by frlarry on Thu, 12/01/2005 - 14:46
The Prime Minister of India has urged his people to "Talk about safe sex". I'd be happy if he could simply tell me what the term "safe sex" means. The Indian PM is concerned, of course, about the spread of HIV AIDS in his country. So far, so good, Mr. Prime Minister. I'm with you on that one.
Recent figures released by the government suggest that HIV is now spreading from traditional high-risk target groups, like truckers and sex workers in cities, to those living in rural areas.

Regarding the Virtus program

Submitted by frlarry on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 15:39
In view of my error, as admitted in the previous post, I find it ironic that the violation of the innocence principle seems to be endemic to schools these days, even Catholic schools. A report on the so-called Virtus program, now being adopted in Catholic Schools, can be found at Catholic Parents OnLine. A further reflection, given in a homily by Fr. Robert Altier, shows the moral outrage of a good priest.