Submitted by frlarry on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 09:43

iPhone5Release has been touting a growing connection between Apple and Nuance Communications. Apparently, Apple is already integrating Nuance voice recognition technology into its data centers. Soon, it may be integrating its voice recognition technology into iPhone, iOS 5. See "Apple chooses Nuance for iOS5 Voice Recognition."

As rumors fly concerning the Jun 6 WWDC conference, iPhone5Release is hearing that iOS 5 may include voice-driven OS navigation. See "Changes Coming to the iOS 5."

Sources have also suggested that although Apple sealed a licensing deal with Nuance, there will be no additional voice control features added to the next iOS release. Siegler added his own comments to this rumor, stating “That’s odd since it’s perhaps the most obvious usage, but apparently, in the builds of iOS 5 currently being tested, the little-used feature hasn’t changed at all, we hear.” The report noted that it’s possible that Nuance technology may one day be added to iOS, but rumors point to the deal being struck for “bigger things more core to the OS than that one feature.”

In February, the Wall Street Journal broke a story that Apple was hard at work to integrate “voice navigation” into the next iOS, while the New York Times speculated that Apple is working to enhance voice commands as some users dislike the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

If you can control your cell phone using your voice rather than your fingers, suddenly the control bandwidth increases by an order of magnitude. Most people can speak much faster than they can type, particularly on a tiny virtual keyboard. Faster embedded processors and more accurate voice recognition software could revolutionize cell phone technology and embedded communications, in general.