Submitted by frlarry on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 06:58

A post of mine from three years ago reminded me of the insidious nature of "progressive" political strategy, in particular, "nudge" theory. (See Nudge theory.) In particular, this theory (advocated by Thaler and Sunstein in "Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness") was the foundation of President Obama's approach to "transforming America" in general, and the nation's healthcare system in particular. It should have been no surprise to anyone that the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act did not, and could not, live up to its name. Nor should it have surprised anyone that it was never intended to be a real solution, merely a stepping stone to full government control of healthcare - otherwise known as "single payer". The PPACA was, in effect, a "nudge" in that direction. When you "nudge" an entire population in a false direction, it can take an entire new generation to recognize what a mistake it was. In the case of healthcare, who will remember what healthcare was like, economically, when people paid for it themselves?

Putting abortion clinics in economically depressed areas (especially in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods) is another example of "nudge". If that fails in its "progressive" objectives (namely, population eugenics), Progressives have demonstrated historically that they are fully capable of resorting to more drastic measures - in particular, forced sterilization of what Margaret Sanger called "the unfit." This more drastic step (as well as euthanasia) will be more routinely applied when government has full control of healthcare.

The final goal is to establish government control at an international level and over every aspect of human life. Individual responsibility and initiative will fade into history, even as the story of history is rewritten by "progressives". And all it will take to get there is "progressive nudging."