Submitted by frlarry on Fri, 01/18/2019 - 06:37

Basic principles we all should have learned to enter adulthood...

  1. Know that if you have sex, you might get pregnant. (And by "you", I mean husband and wife as a team.) If you don't want to get pregnant, at all, don't have sex, at all.
  2. If you love sex and you love children, but you just want to space them out (for whatever practical reasons), know that NFP (done right) is just as effective as AFP (done right).
  3. NFP unites couples because they share intimate knowledge in order to make it work. (Cf. the biblical use of the term "knew", as in, Genesis 4:1.)<.>
  4. By contrast, AFP divides couples because it makes one the toy of the other, placing the burden of knowledge and responsibility and medical risk all on the "toy." The only time the non-toy cares to know anything is if he or she is paranoid about the responsibilities of parenthood. (In that case, see #1.)
  5. Who am I kidding? In AFP it's almost always, always the woman who takes on the responsibility and the medical risk. The man (and this may be where the term "toxic masculinity" comes from) is treated like a disease agent, from which the woman needs protection.
  6. In the situation of the previous point, any sane woman would be wearing a "hazmat" suit. If she isn't (wearing a "hazmat" suit), she may be fantasizing about flying out the window, bending steel in her bare hands and stopping bullets with her chest.
  7. If you haven't decoded the difference between NFP and AFP you're probably not sufficiently grounded in reality to be a parent or to voluntarily have sex with anyone, or you may be someone who never got a decent formal education.