Submitted by frlarry on Wed, 01/23/2019 - 14:34

The Cuomo bill (now a law) in New York is, from the "progressive" perspective, an effort to protect what the majority in their legislature regard as a human right - the right to kill the child in the womb. They recognize that the "Roe v. Wade" and "Doe v. Bolton" decisions were decided on specious grounds and would soon be overturned by a Supreme Court that actually respects the Constitution.

Anybody who has studied this controversy for any length of time, and who knows the history of the Progressive Movement, recognizes that abortion was declared a "right" in order to deflect attention from three basic facts: (1) abortion is selectively applied to poor people and minorities, in line with its original eugenic motivation; (2) abortion is backup protection from responsibility for irresponsible sexual intercourse (in that sense, sex is reduced to a drug to pacify poor people and minorities); and (3) so-called welfare programs were designed to discourage stable marriages, simply because single moms are eligible for much bigger benefits.

On the surface, it would appear that point #s 2 and 3 (especially #3) encourage more sex, and, therefore, more babies. Every welfare mom, however, finds that they have limits in terms of how they can entertain a "boy friend" and watch their kids. It doesn't take long for a new baby to become an inconvenience.

Today, the sense of the "inconvenience" of a new baby is so endemic to the culture that our fertility rate is now well below replacement level. People who buy into the abortion culture are literally committing self-genocide.

The Progressive Movement will not be satisfied with keeping abortion legal (independently of whether it is safe or rare). They are stepping up attacks against religious minorities that do not buy into the culture of death.

These anti-life beliefs are held today with such collective zeal, they can only be regarded as religious in nature to the people who espouse them. No one should be surprised at recent statements (this past year) to the effect that the right to abortion is "sacred" or that one should invest in abortion-evangelization or calling on God to protect it.

Nor should anyone be surprised at the level of vitriol aimed at the student demonstrators from Kentucky. People who have invested their lives participating in the abortion industry and people who have invested their political capital in protecting it are sensing an existential threat in the zeal of young people who come out to advocate for the unborn.

I seriously suspect that people at the highest level of the pro-abortion culture are predominantly evil people with evil motives. They are not stupid and they are not ignorant of history. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. It could also be that some of them are genuinely naive, like the vast majority of people lower down who fail to recognize the genuine threat to their ultimate viability.

New York, like California and a few other states dominated by "progressive" politics, is attempting to keep its representation in Congress strong by adding growing numbers of non-citizens to the census. Without this backup, the number of members of the House that would represent them will inevitably diminish as people of means (both monetary and level of training and expertise) will evacuate to other states. As the populace that remains becomes "progressively" more restive, the elites will have to build increasingly impregnable fortresses to protect themselves and their possessions. It would be a great irony if they eventually discovered that "walls don't work."