Submitted by frlarry on Fri, 06/28/2019 - 11:45

Although I have yet to take much interest in the debates, I've gotten the impression the Democratic candidates this year are engaged in a bidding war. Bright, shiny voting blocks are up for bid. Which candidate will promise the most free stuff? Will any of these voting blocks consider the deep questions of funding, or will they just be impressed by all the Monopoly money on the table?

I'm guessing, too, that President Trump's promise that Mexico would pay for the "big, beautiful wall" impressed a lot of Republican voters, as well as so-called independents and cross-overs. I suppose the thought of spending up to 2% of the national budget (not counting the cost of corruption) to protect our southern border was much too intimidating to half the country and the thought of doing anything to protect that border was too intimidating to the other half.

We are going to be paying big (or, should I say "bigly") for our refusal, or inability, to talk sensibly with each other.

In times past, we have had the time to come to our senses when existential threats got our attention. In times past, we managed to come together. In times past, global elites were mostly satisfied with their corner of the Monopoly board. In times past, we recognized our need for God's help. In times past, our religious leaders spoke a common language of faith. No longer. God has permitted our towering ambitions to poison our tongues.

Reaction times are near instantaneous in our post-modern world. T.S. Eliot might have had to revise his magnum opus, had he had the time.

May God have mercy on our souls.