Submitted by frlarry on Tue, 12/06/2005 - 19:03
My younger brother, Bob, gave me a little book entitled Celebrating You and the 1940s in honor of my 57th birthday last month. Yes, I was born in 1948. It so happens there was a popular recording of the song "Baby Face" that year that I chanced to hear on the radio in Batavia, Illinois, the day I came home from a CRHP retreat and decided to shave off my beard. I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the song, and had a sense that my grandmother, who had died in the year of my conversion experience, was playing it for me. I was almost floored when I heard the well known line, "I'm up in heaven when I feel your fond embrace," because I remembered how desperately loving my grandmother's final hug was before she died. I decided to do a search on the Internet for a reference to this recording, which was by Art Mooney and his orchestra, and this link, "Baby Face," came up toward the top of the Google page. The site itself may be of interest to you.