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UN predicts 'internet of things'

This report from the BBC on one debate heald at the recent World Summit on the Information Society, held in Tunis (of all places), BBC NEWS | Technology | UN predicts 'internet of things', describes the growing use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), embedded in manufactured products to ease inventory and shipment tracking. Similar in concept to the use of iPass on the Illinois tollways, when a product with an embedded RFID tag passes a radio scanner, its ID is registered and the product is tracked and/or inventoried.

Show Me the Way to Be Saved

With apologies to Irving King, allow me to offer an eschatologically sensitive revision to his classic, "Show Me the Way to Go Home":
Show me the way to be saved! I'm lost and I want to be whole, Oh, I sinned more than once in the course of my life, and it went right to my soul! Wherever I may stray From God's begotten Way, You will always hear me singing this song: Show me the way to be saved!

Do you care enough to love where others will not?

How do we compensate for the irresponsible? The law says let them have their way to avoid public inconvenience. The saints have a different way. According to a reflection on the life of Mother Teresa at, entitled "Adoption Is 'A Concrete Way of Love'" the answer is to become super responsible: pick up the precious burdens that others drop and care for them.

'Conscience clause' laws weigh moral values

Only in America. What takes precedence, do you think?

House Urges Ninth Circuit to Rehear Sex Survey Case -- 11/16/2005

CNS News reported (6:47 P.M.) that the Congress just weighed in on the Fields vs. Palmdale case. See House Urges Ninth Circuit to Rehear Sex Survey Case -- 11/16/2005. By a 320 to 91 margin (with 22 abstaining or absent) the House resolved that the 9th Circuit should rehear the case "en blanc", i.e., with all 47 judges.


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