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What happened to my account?

I registered, but I can't find my account. What happened to it?

Due to a rash of bot registrations and users intending only to disrupt the operation of this site, I have been forced to take extreme measures regarding registrations. I have decided to implement the following policies until further notice:

  • New registrations are by personal request only. Automated user registration is no longer possible.
  • Existing user accounts have been deleted in order to start with a fresh user list. This should prove to be minimally disruptive, since very few users ever comment on a posting in a legitimate manner, and none are known to regularly comment. No user (other than myself) has ever commented more than half a dozen times, apart from spam bot comments.
  • I will be personally inviting people to register from time to time.

Once things settle down and appropriate screening software is in place, I may consider opening registrations back up to the general public. I apologize for any inconvenience to my legitimate user base.

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