Modern Science in This Debate

Our understanding of ourselves is, from a scientific standpoint, much deeper today that what was available to St. Albert or St. Thomas Aquinas. A paper by Stephen C.

Flying Under the Radar (Matt 25:14-30)

When I was 38 years old, I was coming to the end of a 20 year long period of skeptical agnosticism. Approaching middle age, I was becoming more sensitive to the spiritual, and I was wandering off into the new age movement. I had been a pretty hard case as an agnostic. I could annihilate anyone's argument in favor of belief in God, let alone belief in Jesus. I was predisposed to think in purely material, existential terms, but I hadn't yet followed the implications of that to their logical conclusion.

If all else fails, try honesty...

This post on Slate concerns Senator McCain offering advice to President Bush about managing the spin on Iraq. He tells him, "Try candor." The article in Slate goes on to show how McCain uses this as a major strategy to deal with the press. According to the article, his strategy has worked quite effectively.

Ostrich goes on three-hour rampage

According to this Reuters report, "A runaway ostrich that eluded police caused severe damage when it attacked a Mercedes car during a three-hour rampage." The article goes on to offer an almost fawning appreciation of the speed and power of a full-grown ostrich: "The ostrich is the largest of birds and can weigh at least 400 pounds (182 kilograms). It is also the fastest creature on two legs and can run up to 43 mph (70 km/h)."

Marshall McLuhan and Tribalism

Marshall McLuhan wrote prophetically about the increasing tribalism of the global village as electronic media reduced or even erased the distances of time and space between individuals and social groupings. These distances are inevitably replaced by hardening cultural and mythical boundaries that leaders must sometimes try to cross to ensure long term survival or to connect people with God's salvific grace.


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