Philosophical Issues

This page addresses philosophical issues that underly any thinking that is prerequisite to spiritual development.

Does this study fall under Psychology?

There have been a number of developmental psychology studies which have perported to encompass the field of spiritual development in the classical sense. This view presupposes that virtues are a kind of habit in some combined sense of behaviorism and gestalt psychology. In other words, this view makes no appeal to the existence of the soul.

Wise and Foolish Virgins (Matt 25:1-13)

Who are these ten virgins? We can get a sense of this if we recall that Jesus has just left the temple area with his disciples. They point out the temple buildings to him, magnificent as they were, and he tells them about the tribulations to come, including the destruction of these buildings and tremendous loss of life. He then warns them to stay awake and care for those entrusted to them. He goes on to tell them this parable to underscore the necessity of readiness, for they too will come upon times of dire happenings, whether the end times themselves or only the end of their own life.

New domain name...

I've given the blog a new domain name,

The purpose of this weblog...

This web log is being added as a place to conduct a conversation on the elusive nature or features of listening to and following God's will. That is, it is concerned with the "how and why" of seeing with Eyes of Faith. The currently identified areas of concern are as follows:
  1. How God's prompts are routinely manifested in one's life,
  2. What emotional, spiritual or intellectual factors enhance or detract from our ability to "hear" God,
  3. What emotional, spiritual or intellectual exercises will help us improve our attentiveness to God's will,


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