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The true nature of the conflict over sexual mores and civil order.

When it comes to society's claimed consensus regarding homosexuality and homosexual relations, there is a moral issue and a sacramental one. The moral issue is about unchaste sexual behavior. The sacramental issue is about the meaning of marriage. One can abhor the former without abusing or refusing to have civil contact with those who choose to indulge in it. There is no inherent moral or civil conflict in that. There is, on the other hand a moral and civil conflict in the refusal to approve of it and the role government and society have chosen to play in punishing those who refuse to approve of it. Likewise, there is no moral or civil conflict in permitting the abuse of a sacrament by those who regard that abuse to be moral. The conflict arises when government and society insist that anyone participate in that abuse when called upon to do so.

Ultimately we are looking at the enslavement of people of faith. We should be asking ourselves, where will it end?