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Forerunners of things to come...

"Be very afraid..." not!

A posting on LinuxQuestions points to "Series A" funding (startup research) for enterprise level software used in developing "business intelligence." The poster, a "dcparris", says he(she) is "scared!" Not to worry. The comparison with military intelligence is undoubtedly apt: "Open-source business intelligence firm gets funding," but this is about businesses getting "intel" on each other. Enterprise-level market research tools should be of much greater concern.

Open Data Format

Be warned, the issues alluded to in this "Linux News Model Letter to People of Influence Supporting ODF," are highly technical. Allow me to bring up some salient points everyone should be concerned about (at least at some level).

Electronic Voting and you...

Some of the issues that states should be brought up to speed on are alluded to in a court case in North Carolina. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization concerned with openness in the use of electronic computing and communications, filed a friend of the court brief. See their report here: "EFF Convinces North Carolina Judge To Throw Out Diebold E-Voting Case."


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