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Forerunners of things to come...

"That reminds me..."

When logic, good sense and even government and social pressure don't work...

…there's always rising costs and the threat of death. Rising costs even had an impact on smoking cessation rates1. A recent study conducted for the UNFPA found2,

Just when you think you've heard everything...

The tagline from this episode of RealCatholicTV is "Every now and then, the modernists in the Church go nuclear. This is one such example."

Finding infinity in all the wrong places

In writing about the coming exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and their inevitable replacement by IPv6, the Wall Street Journal declared (see "Web Running Out of Addresses"),

That addressing system is called IP version four, or IPv4, which allows for about 4.3 billion possible addresses. In the 1970s, that number of IP addresses was more than enough as the Internet only connected a small number of government and university researchers.

Non-Ecclesial Christianity and Secular Catholics

Let's prescind, for the moment, from the recognition that the phrase "non-ecclesial Christianity" is an oxymoron, and consider the demographics and beliefs of those who describe themselves as Christian, but without belonging to any given ecclesial community (much less belong to an actual church). To consider this, I will appeal to a study by a Protestant polling organization known as the Barna Group. See "Christianity Is No Longer Americans’ Default Faith."


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