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Historical background related to current issues and/or events.

Dimensions of the New Age Movement

See "The Columbus Dispatch : God's Salesmen." As I've had a chance to observe in my lifetime, there are many very virtuous Mormons. The initial followers of Joseph Smith were probably very earnest people who just wanted to do right by God. Unfortunately for them, they didn't seem to have much sense when it came to theology.

Tinkering with <em>Tinker</em>

For a long time, it had been an established principle of jurisprudence that teachers (and principals) acted in loco parentis (in the place of parents) while children were in school. Another way to say this is, their rule was law. Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, decided in 1969 at the height of unrest over the Viet Nam War, carved out an exception for student free speech.

On the Mexico City Policy

I applaud Justin Cardinal Rigali's efforts to curtail the spending of U.S. tax dollars on abortion. (See "Don’t allow abortion funding in family planning programs, cardinal urges U.S. Congress.") Nevertheless, one should not be too naive about the regime preceding the current Democratic Congress.

Chronicled: a sad history of Bay Area Catholic Charities

Fr. John Malloy, SDB, is the oldest living blogger in my reckoning. He may also be one of the oldest living pastors. His recounting of the sad history of Catholic Charities in San Francisco is very enlightening. See "Where are we going?" Where are they going, indeed?!

<em>Haaretz</em>: "ADL urges Pope to suspend Pius sainthood over Holocaust inaction."

Israel's Haaretz newspaper reports "ADL urges Pope to suspend Pius sainthood over Holocaust inaction."
The Anti-Defamation League said the process should stop until secret World War Two Vatican archives are declassified and fully examined "so that the full record of the Pope's actions during the Holocaust may finally be known."


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