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Historical background related to current issues and/or events.

Who gets the blame when the horse is out of the barn?

The Congressional Quarterly folks want to assure us that it isn't Congress' fault. See " Lawmakers Question Regulators on Subprime Mortgage Market Meltdown." After all, it's the responsibility of the Executive Branch agencies, such as the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

NaProTechnology, Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers and Creighton University

The Creighton Model of Fertility Care is the basis of NaProTechnology. Both were developed at the Pope Paul VI Institute, from research beginning in the 70s. NaProTechnology is natural procreative technology for the purpose of spacing births or curing fertility problems so that gestation and birth are possible. Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers is the principal researcher and founder in these efforts. A little history from the web site:


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