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Historical background related to current issues and/or events.

An evolving definition of "family"

O.k., let's review the evolution of the word "family" in "modern history."

Randolph Bourne and the origins of the progressive split


find it fascinating to study the history of American decline. Evidently, the progressive movement bifurcated as early as World War I, when progressive gingoists split off from the internationalists. Today, we call the former neo-cons and the latter followers of the Gospel of George Soros. Both are ultimately equally interventionist, big government idolaters and imperialists. Where they differ is in their concept of where ultimate sovereignty should reside. See, for example, the story of Randolph Bourne.

On Elite Collectivism and the Progressive/Secular Humanist Agenda

The details of the manifesto for the Council for Secular Humanism can be found at "A Secular Humanist Declaration." In comparison to the latest manifesto of the American Humanist Association, it is not blatantly collectivist.

On Secular Humanism

Like Christianity, per se, Secular Humanism is not a monolithic belief system. Secular Humanism is a term recognized by both the humanists themselves and by their critics. This is largely due to the use of the term secular. The advocates regard the secularity of their humanism as a positive attribute, while their critics regard it as a serious limitation, even a negative attribute. Furthermore, the term secularism was introduced by one of the pioneers of the movement. For details of the history, see Wikipedia's article, Secular Humanism.

White dwarves, neutron stars, black holes and manifest destiny

Our sun is an average star. It is expected to burn (via hydrogen fusion reactions) for another few billion years before going nova.


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