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Commentary on an extended piece by an outsider.

A reflection on the transcendent nature of man and the peril of the reductionist view

From Augusto Pessina, Department of Biomedical Surgical, Dental Sciences. University of Milan comes a serious reflection on the transcendent nature of the human person and the reductionist view of post-modern science and philosophy. See "By his nature man is related to the infinite."

Why a college degree doesn't mean what it used to...

People who are concerned about the slow decay of a college education should read this essay... "The Purpose of Mathematics in a Classical Education."

Archbishop Chaput on evangelizing "mission territory"


Archbishop Chaput definitely gets it! (See "Building a Culture of Religious Freedom.")

"America is now mission territory. Our own failures helped to make it that way. We need to admit that. Then we need to re-engage the work of discipleship to change it." and as he points out elsewhere in his talk, we need to begin with ourselves.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput hits one out of the park.


See "A Defense of Human Life and Dignity." The Archbishop is a scholar and a philosopher as well as being a theologian.


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