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Commentary on an extended piece by an outsider.

Re: "You didn't build that!"


Zac Alstin's analysis of interrelationship is pretty good, but he doesn't take the analysis of government nearly far enough. See "Debunking the myth of the self-made man."

A reflection on the transcendent nature of man and the peril of the reductionist view

From Augusto Pessina, Department of Biomedical Surgical, Dental Sciences. University of Milan comes a serious reflection on the transcendent nature of the human person and the reductionist view of post-modern science and philosophy. See "By his nature man is related to the infinite."

Why a college degree doesn't mean what it used to...

People who are concerned about the slow decay of a college education should read this essay... "The Purpose of Mathematics in a Classical Education."

Archbishop Chaput on evangelizing "mission territory"


Archbishop Chaput definitely gets it! (See "Building a Culture of Religious Freedom.")

"America is now mission territory. Our own failures helped to make it that way. We need to admit that. Then we need to re-engage the work of discipleship to change it." and as he points out elsewhere in his talk, we need to begin with ourselves.


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