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Catholic Social Teaching, A Systematic Perspective


Fr. Robert Sirico, President of the Acton Institute, presents a systematic understanding of what Catholic Social Teaching is and is about.

Repairing the incoherence of the term "Catholic"

While the author of "Our Secular Future", a piece in America Magazine, has some important things to say about the cultural clash between (what I prefer to call) serious Christians and the increasingly dominant secular progressive elites, the comments that follow the article point to dissent even to his employment of the term "Catholic". Given all the controversy over the meaning of the word "Catholic" and who is allowed, or not allowed, to apply that term to themselves, I propose the following solution:

The geek's bane

One of the more common approaches hackers take in attacking a large web site is known as DOS, or denial of service. The method is to attack and exploit personal computers using a variety of Trojan Horse methods (enticing emails, official looking or otherwise enticing websites with "poison apples", enticing downloads loaded with computer viruses, etc.) to install automatic programs that can be directed by instructions from a remote computer. These PCs, once appropriated in this way, are directed to attack the target site with a level of "traffic" the site is not equipped to handle.

Vatican matters

Since Pope Benedict's retirement, his official title became Pope Emeritus. We may still refer to him as His Holiness, Benedict XVI.

He still wears a white cassock, but without the papal cape.

Back on line


Technical difficulties with my hosting account have been resolved.


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