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This category is for posts that raise or discuss issues related to spiritual development or its study.

Jesus the Radical

Oswald Sobrino has it right. Jesus was not one to wisper sweet nothings in people's ears. Check out "Catholic AnalysisCatholic Analysis: Jesus the Radical" for a pretty good summary of Jesus' real teachings.

Product placement in "Narnia" rendition

Rich Leonardi has his finger on an example of pagan philosophy "product placement" in the new Disney version of C.S. Lewis' classic tale. Check out "Ten Reasons: Say it ain't so."

The Media Monoculture

Writing in Catholic Exchange (and also in The Wanderer, James K. Fitzpatrick discusses The Media Monoculture. He harks back to a critique of media and juridical left-wing bias that appeared in the New York Times under the title, "An Elite Affiliation," an article written by John Tierney. The point of this discussion is that both the media and law schools are embedded in a self-perpetuating and homogeneous political culture, a monoculture, to use Fitzpatrick's phrase.

Religious Freedom Must Trump Anti-Discrimination Law

An article by John Leo, entitled "Religious Freedom Must Trump Anti-Discrimination Law," comments on the McCusker case, in which she, with the help of the New York Civil Liberties Union, has been suing "the Diocese of Brooklyn and St. Rose of Lima school in Queens for dismissing her as a pre-kindergarten teacher last fall. That was two days after McCusker told her principal that she was three months pregnant and had no intention of marrying the father."


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