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Vatican letter says norms on priesthood must be 'faithfully observed'

This, too, is worth passing on. The general media may pass it up. CNS STORY: Vatican letter says norms on priesthood must be 'faithfully observed' In particular, to quote the article,
The instruction, the letter said, "does not call into question the validity of the ordination and the situation of priests who, in fact, have been ordained with homosexual tendencies" or of priests who have manifested homosexual tendencies after ordination.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Indian PM: 'Talk about safe sex'

The Prime Minister of India has urged his people to "Talk about safe sex". I'd be happy if he could simply tell me what the term "safe sex" means. The Indian PM is concerned, of course, about the spread of HIV AIDS in his country. So far, so good, Mr. Prime Minister. I'm with you on that one.
Recent figures released by the government suggest that HIV is now spreading from traditional high-risk target groups, like truckers and sex workers in cities, to those living in rural areas.

Homosexuality and the Path to Hope

I have said in previous posts that it is possible some cases of homosexual attraction are caused by irreversible conditions, such as genetic endowment or irreversible trauma. According to a rather extensively documented review by the Catholic Medical Association, entitled CMA Homosexuality and Hope, there are no established (i.e., duplicatable and duplicated) studies implicating genetic origins.

Instruction Author's Commentary

The new instruction was written by Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski. Zenit has just published an interview with the Cardinal here. As I mentioned in my post, there is no actual ambiguity in the wording of the document, and the Cardinal's comments make it clear that "deap-seated homosexual tendency" simply refers to a homosexual inclination that is not transitory, as I said in my prior post.


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