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This category is for posts that raise or discuss issues related to spiritual development or its study.

Down's Syndrome testing

Rick Garnett's comment at Mirror of Justice on "Down's Syndrome testing" is, IMHO, spot on.

'Gay weddings' become law in UK

Technically, the title of the article, "'Gay weddings' become law in UK", is misleading. If you look in the body of the article, it's clear that the requirements of the new "Civil Partnerships Act" require only the licensing paperwork. No ceremony appears to be required by the act. On the other hand, the British bureaucracy may have other ideas.
Meg Munn, minister for equality, said the government expected 4,500 couples to get "partnered" in the first year. ...snip...

Rice 'to talk tough on CIA claim'

In essence, Secretary Rice is telling the heads of state in Europe, "Don't look for the smoking gun" of U.S. gulags in Eastern Europe. I'm not sure what the implied threat means, but according to the BBC article, "Rice 'to talk tough on CIA claim'", Rice will say
"The key point will be 'We're all in this together and you need to look at yourselves as much as us,' " one official said to the Washington Post, on condition of anonymity. "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Pope Speaks on Evolution: SciAm Observations

As I mentioned in the previous post, I've been perusing the SciAm blog. One of their regulars, John Rennie, is the editor and chief of Scientific American. It's his blog article on the Woo-Suk scandal that pointed me to the Times.

Scientific Ethics and Stem Cell Research

While perusing the Scientific American Blog, I came across a reference to a London Sunday Times article, "Leading stem cell scientist resigns over eggs scandal." It seems that
One of the world's leading experts in stem cell research resigned all his government posts today after admitting that he had used eggs from two female employees in his research.


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