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This category is for posts that raise or discuss issues related to spiritual development or its study.

The Gay Priest Problem - from Catholic World Report - November 2000

In my perusal of opinion blogs, I ran across a reference to a highly controversial and deeply disturbing analysis of the gay crisis in the U.S. presbyterate. Written by Rev. Paul Shaughnessy, the departure point for "The Gay Priest Problem" is a reference to the relatively unreported high incidence of AIDS related deaths among priests.

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU warned on 'secret CIA jails'

A report from the BBC, "EU warned on 'secret CIA jails'", details a threatened suspension of voting rights for EU states that cooperated with the alleged CIA secret prison system. Franco Frattini, the EU Justice Minister declared, said the BBC, "a suspension of voting rights would be justified if any country is found to have breached the bloc's founding principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law." - Priests urge stem cell opposition - Nov 27, 2005

Missouri has been called the "Show me!" state. A CNN report, "Priests urge stem cell opposition", suggests that priests throughout Missouri have been mobilized to defend the dignity of human life. I am tempted, of course, to say "Show me!" Show me that you care enough about the issues to form a united front in the culture wars.

Re: About that 'Gay Seminarian' Instruction

Fr. Martin Fox, at Bonfire of the Vanities, posted an endorsement of a reflection by Amy Welborn on the forthcoming (i.e., not yet official) Vatican document on gays in the the seminaries. Her post, Document, Redux, focuses on the relative importance of dissent, vs. homosexuality per se, as something the Vatican should care about.

RealClearPolitics - Commentary - The Modern University

The Modern University Has Become Obsolete by Froma Harrop


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