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This category is for posts that raise or discuss issues related to spiritual development or its study.

Tear open the storehouse!

As Jesus said, "Then every scribe who has been instructed in the kingdom of heaven is like the head of a household who brings from his storeroom both the new and the old." [Matt 13:52]

In the UK, HIV drug resistance increasing

There's no reason it won't happen here, too. No country's people have a monopoly on foolishness. BBC NEWS | Health | UK HIV drug resistance increasing. For those of you in the know, perhaps you can help me with a little question: Just what is "safe sex"?

Do you care enough to love where others will not?

How do we compensate for the irresponsible? The law says let them have their way to avoid public inconvenience. The saints have a different way. According to a reflection on the life of Mother Teresa at, entitled "Adoption Is 'A Concrete Way of Love'" the answer is to become super responsible: pick up the precious burdens that others drop and care for them.

Modern Science and Universalism vs. Nominalism

The nature of the debate between universalists and nominalists, particularly as it applies to the viability of natural law theory as a foundation for ethics, is radically different today, due to our much greater understanding of human biology. I examine this issue in some detail in a brief article, Modern Science in This Debate, posted on this blog. The discussion tends to be a bit technical, but I welcome your thoughts.

If all else fails, try honesty...

This post on Slate concerns Senator McCain offering advice to President Bush about managing the spin on Iraq. He tells him, "Try candor." The article in Slate goes on to show how McCain uses this as a major strategy to deal with the press. According to the article, his strategy has worked quite effectively.


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