"The Bible's Buried Secrets"

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Biblical scholars have determined that the first 5 books of the Old Testament were compiled by Jewish scholars during the Babylonian Exile, from about 586 B.C. to 537 B.C., when the Persians overthrew the Babylonians and permitted the Jews to return to their home lands. These and other matters of historical record were explored recently in a Nova special on PBS, entitled, "The Bible's Buried Secrets." This special, in contrast to many of the programs found on the History Channel in recent years, avoided both sensationalism and spurious controversy. It was a solid review of the connections between the biblical accounts of historical events and the archaeological record.


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Deflation, the economic environment in which the prices of goods and services progressively decrease, can be healthy or unhealthy. It is healthy when decreasing prices are the result of increased productivity. It is unhealthy when decreasing prices are the result of depressed demand, generally brought on by reduced aggregate income. A particularly unhealthy deflationary environment is referred to as a "deflationary spiral." According to Wikipedia,

"Already, but not yet"

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If you ever took a course in Eschatology, the biblical and theological study of the End Times, you may have heard the expression, "already, but not yet." The expression attempts to encapsulate the idea (among other things) that the Church is "already, but not yet" saved, due to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. This, "already, but not yet" expression, however, underlies many more mundane features of human culture. Take for example,