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This category is for posts that raise or discuss issues related to spiritual development or its study.

Albertus Magnus

In the Catholic, or Universal, Church, November 15th is the memorial of St. Albert the Great, known in Latin as Albertus Magnus, the 13th century theologian, philosopher and scientist. His title was based on the fact that he stunned his generation with the universality and depth of his genius. He was, in fact, another Aristotle. His studies encompassed nearly everything Aristotle studied, including physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, theology, philosophy, morality and politics. Unlike Aristotle, he did not write notably on drama or poetics.

Philosophical Issues

This page addresses philosophical issues that underly any thinking that is prerequisite to spiritual development.

Does this study fall under Psychology?

There have been a number of developmental psychology studies which have perported to encompass the field of spiritual development in the classical sense. This view presupposes that virtues are a kind of habit in some combined sense of behaviorism and gestalt psychology. In other words, this view makes no appeal to the existence of the soul.


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