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On the origin of "the wrong side of history"

I've come across the glib phrase "the wrong side of history" rather a lot, lately. According to a comment on the provenance of this phrase found in the link attached here, it is related to the phrase "God is on our side." I find that to be a very revealing comment.

We owe more than respect to our troops!

I've seen a lot of postings about how we owe respect and gratitude to our troops and our law enforcement officers. It seems to me we owe them, and our progeny, a lot more than that.

The true nature of the conflict over sexual mores and civil order.


When it comes to society's claimed consensus regarding homosexuality and homosexual relations, there is a moral issue and a sacramental one. The moral issue is about unchaste sexual behavior. The sacramental issue is about the meaning of marriage. One can abhor the former without abusing or refusing to have civil contact with those who choose to indulge in it. There is no inherent moral or civil conflict in that.

Indeed, what difference does it make?


Former Secretary Clinton notoriously asked "What difference at this point does it make?" regarding the motivation of the terrorists who attacked the American embassy in Benghazi. Laying aside the issue of why motivation is, generally speaking, important, we can ask ourselves whether our system has shifted so far out of balance that the question of what has motivated our politicians to make destructive choices for so long may soon become irrelevant.


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