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This category is for posts that raise or discuss issues related to spiritual development or its study.

Globalist religion

People don't generally realize it, but the New World Order is founded on a religion. On the surface it looks like a religion of secularism. It goes deeper than that, however, because of what is worshipped in this religion. That worship can be characterized on a symbolic level (at least) as trinitarian. The three divine persons in this religion have the names History, Gaia and Moloch. All three are worshipped (either directly or indirectly - there is such a thing as a practical atheism, even in someone who believes, after a fashion, in God) and sacrificial offerings are given to all three. There are distinct differences in what each of these "gods" require as sacrifice. Actual human history records what these sacrificial offerings are.

Pornography is a public health crisis, but it is a symptom of a larger malais.

Michael Cook, writing at MercatorNet, makes excellent points in "Is pornography a public health crisis?". Clearly we do not live in a "Theology of the Body" informed culture. This article touches on the impact of pornography on marriage, parenting and the desensitization of the normal aversion to violence and exploitation.

Clinton 2.0?

Madam Clinton, should she survive legal challenges, will be a formidable candidate in the general election. She will have the full weight of the broadcast media behind her (apart from talk radio), as well as most of print and cable. Segments of society that will be backing (with sizable majorities in each case) her include Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, academia, welfare recipients and retirees who depend on Social Security and Medicare. Furthermore, since she is a classical corporatist, she will have most of Wall Street and most of the professional bureaucrats in government behind her.

Food for thought...


When even our Presidential contests become absorbed into the entertainment culture, and people focus on the tabloid (which we cynically refer to as a "circus") rather than trying to determine the common good; when people's votes are purchased by pecuniary interest rather than principle (and even our term for money is "bread"); then we have returned to the politics of the Roman Empire.


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