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Indeed, what difference does it make?


Former Secretary Clinton notoriously asked "What difference at this point does it make?" regarding the motivation of the terrorists who attacked the American embassy in Benghazi. Laying aside the issue of why motivation is, generally speaking, important, we can ask ourselves whether our system has shifted so far out of balance that the question of what has motivated our politicians to make destructive choices for so long may soon become irrelevant.

The President's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

The President's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast (see the transcript) has been badly characterized in the media. Nowhere, for example, will you find the ringing phrase "violence rooted in religion". Even though the President did see fit to remind us that "during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ" his sin may have been rather a matter of omission than commission.

Real vs. Phony


If you've been paying attention to the President's forays into the political arena, you are aware that he is dismissing the growing list of scandals as "distractions" and "phony." I leave it to you to determine whether or not this approach will benefit either him or his party (or, for that matter, the country) in the end.

Diagnosing Republican factionalism. What is the cure?

The basic problem with the Republican Party is that it suffers from dissociative identity disorder, colloquially referred to as a split personality.

It's possible to identify at least the following distinct political personalities in the G.O.P.

Secularism vs. Sectarianism in Domestic and International Power Politics

Secularism began as a philosophical reaction against Christianity in the 18th century in Europe. Like the religious rebellion of the 16th century, it had its roots in outrage at the vices of religious and royal officials. And, like its earlier religious counterpart, it began to invent and to live by its own rules. As a movement, therefore, it exhibited all of the tendencies of moral and cultural drift that all major cultural movements and even civilizations have displayed throughout human history.


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