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Consisting of relflections in a variety of categories, including:
<li>scripture (homiletic reflections)
<li>philosophy (metaphysics or epistemology)
<li>spiritual development
<li>science or mathematics
<li>Church documents
</ul> - Maverick Sen. Proxmire dies at 90 - Dec 15, 2005

The world is in dire need of mavericks that know their stuff. Let us mourn the passing of one of the better ones. "Maverick Sen. Proxmire dies at 90." By the way, the etymology of the term "maverick" is most enlightening. Check out one definition here. The political equivalent of the acquisitive ranchers always want to coopt (i.e., brand) the mavericks among us, or else send us off to the slaughter house.

Narcissism and Control Freaks

Some time ago, I felt impelled to introduce "Control Freaks" as a new category for this blog. Wikipedia defines this term, here, saying that the entry is only a "stub." This doesn't seem to be a very well studied area of psychology, though psychologists have noted connections with narcissism, obsessive compulsive disorder, mania (or the up part of bi-polar disorder) and borderline personality disorder.

Vatican instruction on gays not new

Nice piece by Rich Leonardi in the Cincinnati Enquirer: "Vatican instruction on gays not new." It truly astonishes me that the media still can't tell the difference between pedophilia and ephebophilia, and they still can't seem to do even a very simple statistical calculation.

Gay Italian priests protest Vatican statement

CWN's report, "Gay Italian priests protest Vatican statement," Although I think these guys have adopted a rather simplistic view of the instruction (and if I read it the same way they do, I'd say they were justified in being insulted), at least they've got it's basic content right. They recognize that it's not endorsing business as usual. :: What is your style of American Catholicism?

My results from the "What is your style of American Catholicism?" poll:


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