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Consisting of relflections in a variety of categories, including:
<li>scripture (homiletic reflections)
<li>philosophy (metaphysics or epistemology)
<li>spiritual development
<li>science or mathematics
<li>Church documents

Anti-creationism prof quits department chair - Dec 8, 2005

A Paul Mirecki, U. of Kansas professor of religious studies, recently resigned due to the stir he caused there by insulting religious fundamentalists (some of whom go to that school) because of their creationist views. The CNN report, "Anti-creationism prof quits department chair," summarizes the situation this way,

"I am the Immaculate Conception."

So said the Blessed Virgin Mary, to St. Bernadet at Lourdes, in response to St. Bernadet's question, "Would you be so kind as to tell me who you are?" "I am the Immaculate Conception!" It may have been St. Maximillian Marie Kolbe who first recognized the significance of how she said this. Her declaration more than ratified the declaration of (Blessed) Pope Pius IX in his Apostolic Constitution, Ineffabilis Deus,

An Interview with Barbara Nicolosi, by John Romanowsky

In a very interesting interview on, Barbara Nicolosi comments on Catholic investment in film making.
We have to invest in the long haul, in building up a new generation of artists by mentoring, training, and supporting them, not in taking up a small collection and then squandering it in ill-considered efforts. Honestly, it's the artistic equivalent of selling your house, going to Vegas and putting it all on the red.

Catholic World News : The Business Model

Much of my frustration in the past couple of years as a newly ordained priest stems from the fact that I seem to be coming very late into a sea change in the church in the U.S. It's as if there were a great political convention, and I didn't arrive until after the principal candidate and the running mate were already nominated, and I knew from that that the party was headed for disaster in the real world.

Home of the Golden Classics

My younger brother, Bob, gave me a little book entitled Celebrating You and the 1940s in honor of my 57th birthday last month. Yes, I was born in 1948. It so happens there was a popular recording of the song "Baby Face" that year that I chanced to hear on the radio in Batavia, Illinois, the day I came home from a CRHP retreat and decided to shave off my beard. I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the song, and had a sense that my grandmother, who had died in the year of my conversion experience, was playing it for me.


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