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Consisting of relflections in a variety of categories, including:
<li>scripture (homiletic reflections)
<li>philosophy (metaphysics or epistemology)
<li>spiritual development
<li>science or mathematics
<li>Church documents

Is language going to the dogs?


The use of the term "dog wistle language" by a writer on another thread was new to me, so I looked it up. I found a thorough explanation and history in "Dog-whistle politics." What's fascinating to me about this article is how well it, however inadvertently, documents the increasing fracturing of society. Politicians struggle to find "message" language that doesn't offend anyone, and today it is increasingly difficult, if not actually impossible, to find it.

The geek's bane

One of the more common approaches hackers take in attacking a large web site is known as DOS, or denial of service. The method is to attack and exploit personal computers using a variety of Trojan Horse methods (enticing emails, official looking or otherwise enticing websites with "poison apples", enticing downloads loaded with computer viruses, etc.) to install automatic programs that can be directed by instructions from a remote computer. These PCs, once appropriated in this way, are directed to attack the target site with a level of "traffic" the site is not equipped to handle.

Immortal words?

President Abraham Lincoln is popularly credited with having delivered one of the greatest orations of all time, known as the Gettysburg Address. It seems to me this speech has much poetry and surprisingly little real substance. And should the great American experiment collapse from the weight of the progress-inspired contradictions of the last couple of centuries, people will eventually realize that the speech failed to provide much in the way of prophesy.

Where is the healing perspective?


Jesus pointed out that we need to remove the plank from our eyes before we can see well enough to remove the cinder from someone else's. He didn't mean "political plank" (Democratic Party Plank - Republican Party Plank) but he might as well have.

Ideology not reflected upon and not questioned, just like faith not reflected upon and not questioned, becomes a crutch that excuses us for our mental and moral laziness. The consequence is that we lend our support for what ultimately proves to be evil.

Whither the millenials? Whither the Church?


Some will say, "They haven't left the Church. They were never in it!" (See "What Johnny Cash can teach us about Millenials and the Church.") Others will say, "They haven't left the Church. The Church left them." (See "Why millennials are leaving the church.")

Depending on the situation, and depending how you define "the Church," they could both be right!


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