From Trump to Biden

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President Trump came along at a time in our history when we were going down an ideological rabbit hole. He’s given us time to think about where that hole leads to. It remains to be seen whether we can recognize our collective folly in time. Of course, it didn't help that the mainstream media largely blinded half the country to the differences.

Human civilization is very different, today, from what it was thousands of years ago. Technology has given totalitarian governments awesome powers.

The Israelites paid dearly for the mistake of staying in Egypt in the time of Joseph and his ambitious brothers - four hundred years of slavery. The divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah paid dearly for their paganism. The nations that conquered them, however, lasted mere decades. That was enough time to destroy the corporate memory of Israel, while the Judeans wrote theirs down and passed it on from one generation to the next. In our Orwellian times, we probably don’t have that luxury.

The Judeans found release from captivity when the Persians, under King Cyrus, conquered Babylonia and Cyrus was inspired to help the Judeans return to their home. Even the subsequent domination by Alexandrian Greece and by imperial Rome failed to destroy their corporate memory, and the chaos proved to be a powerful seedbed for Christianity.

We have had only a little more than a year of President Biden. Already, even many Democrats are unhappy with him. Even many of them realize his promises are hogwash, at best.

Today, the civilization that gave us modern science, medicine and technology teeters on a precipice. Once rooted in Christianity, it has been pulling itself out of that soil in search of a materialist Utopia. Our current political chaos leaves us vulnerable as never before. Technology, however, continues to produce the nails that could seal up our collective fate.


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