Dorothy vs. the Witch, Round 2

A political cartoon by Steve Kelly (see Steve Kelly at Creator's Syndicate) on October 19 (to be posted on Halloween) brilliantly captured our current political climate. I'll leave it to my readers to puzzle out its full significance...

Trump - hero, villain, or something else entirely?

It’s a curious thing about President Trump. The average pundit tends to think of him either as a devil or as a knight in shining armor. A couple of recent political cartoons picture him as the Roadrunner - and the political pundits playing the roll of Wile E. Coyote, genius extraordinary. One advantage of that picture is that it can help us appreciate why progressives hate Trump’s tweets so much. Wile E. hated Roadrunner’s expressive tongue, too.

Victor Davis Hansen’s perspective is a tad more nuanced.

Not with a bang?

Although I have yet to take much interest in the debates, I've gotten the impression the Democratic candidates this year are engaged in a bidding war. Bright, shiny voting blocks are up for bid. Which candidate will promise the most free stuff? Will any of these voting blocks consider the deep questions of funding, or will they just be impressed by all the Monopoly money on the table?

Unsolved problems

Some people wonder why the President hasn't yet solved the border crisis. Some people, of course, believe that he has created the border crisis. Either way, it should be clear we have a crisis. So why hasn't the President succeeded in fixing it?

Bring back the blunderbuss!

I find it extraordinary that, after years of debate, millions of voters still don't know what an assault rifle is. I don't understand why they never bothered to look up the definition, even though there are perfectly good definitions readily available, for example, on the Internet. See, for example, the excellent article on Wikipedia.


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