Master of Creation

Master of Creation

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This is a reflection on the nature of God, His infinite power, knowledge, understanding, subtlety and love. All of these are ultimately beyond our ability to grasp. Nevertheless, there is much we can learn from meditating on Him.

Let there be light!

  He is the Master of the urim and thummim, and Moses' curious bush;
  Master of Einstein's dice, and the fate of Schroedinger's cat.
  He is the Master of past, present and future,
     who sees all, knows all and touches all.
  He who illumines the tiniest barbule of the tiniest wren,
     and who invented the mathematics of reality,
     can also find the Lorentzian butterfly's optimal control point
  and turn the storms of history toward a golden path.

  He is the Master of all he surveys, and all he surveys IS all.

Let there be art!

  We are not just his creation, we are also his re-creation.
  He molds us in his image with an artist's devotion, and
     he is THE artist, with every art and artifice and creative energy
     at his command!
  He throws HIMSELF into his work, and signs every creation.
     Every false attribution falls to dust in time.
     We call them heresies, or false idols, or just false.

  Buttonhole an artist, and he may deny meaning any unambiguous meaning.
  Pigeonhole an artist, and if he is real, he will transcend your efforts.
  Yet, THE artist can and will stoop down to share himself,
     holding back nothing.
  Can Michelangelo or Picasso or Escher explain his work to a toddler?
     Nor can they turn that toddler into a learned critic.
  Yet, THE artist can make us into HIM, by proxy Spirit,
     only if we can learn to desire, to desire THIS, to desire HIM.
     But we must learn, to learn to GIVE, as he GIVEs.
     Aye, THERE's the rub.
     And the readiness is only a promissory note.
  Our YES is our ARTIST's commission, a contract, nay, a covenant

  The completed work of a great artist can fetch a kings ransom.
  The completed work of THE artist, can ransom a king by asking.
     We call them SAINTS.
     They have learned to GIVE, and to say YES!
     And it is credited to them as righteousness.
  They are right to ask, and have earned the right to ask.
     Can anything be more right with the world than that?

Let there be miracles!

  Yet, how, indeed, does God move the WORLD?
     And can we know the answer, truly?
  For God is subtle beyond our grasp, and so is his movement.
     And we are left to speculate from what we know, and think we know.
  We follow a simple maxim, nay two, nay three:
     1) God defines all movement in laws of creation.  Let there be Reality!
     2) God is not limited as we understand limits.  He is all powerful, knowing and loving!
     3) God does not and will not contradict himself!
        Physics and miracle harmonize!
        Justice and mercy harmonize!
        Free will and destiny harmonize!

  Somewhere!  Somewhere!  Somewhere!
     In time and space - space-time - the curious bush still burns!
     Our fate is as known by HIM as Schrodinger's imprisoned cat, 
        for HE SEEs the end!
     Though we are not forced by either FIELDS or FORTUNES!
  For our souls partake in God's nudging of Einstein's dice!

  How?!  How?!  How?!  Cry our puzzled Lears and our anxious and cynical Regans!
     ...jealous of God's power, both!
     ...and, alas, blind to his sharing of it!!!

Let there be man!

  Just as the Spirit of God blew chaos into order.
  Just as the breath of God animated the anima
     of Adam and Eve...

  This breath of God, in which we partake,
     nudges Einstein's dice which, found everywhere there is a there
     and in every time of every there
     nudges the tiniest butterfly control point of our hearts and minds,
     which, if we live in harmony with God's design... ...and only if, 
     moves our whole self as our soul longs to move us...
     yet, alas, opposed by threads, cords, chains of addiction!
        foes of harmony all!
     defining the conflict... spirit against flesh... flesh against spirit...

  Indeed, our innermost freedom expresses choice through tiny miracles of divine breath
     expressed in tiny miracles of that breath...
     guided from butterfly point to chosen act by God's harmonious design!

  And does not Good move Earth to Eden?
  And Evil move Eden to Earth?
  And did not these, our Parents, choose to know both?

Let there be redemption!

  Yea, in spite of our disturbance of the harmony of LOVE,
     in spite of the damage of our sins...
     in spite of the destructive tides of history...
     Yet there is news of hope, hope of reconciliation, hope of renewal
        of God's holy harmony!
     heard in Elijah's still, small voice, beckoning return!  Return!

  This still small voice drives the voice into the wilderness
     to cry out "Prepare"  "Repent"  "This is HE!"

  HE is God with Us!

  HE mastered his Hunger in the wilderness, though tempted by Satan,
     by feeding on the Word!

  He mastered his Gospel in signs and sighs and stories
     written in our hearts!

  He mastered his Sacrifice – though scourged! mocked! abandoned! and crucified!
     by emptying himself!  Kenosis!  Unto Death!  Giving all to God!

     That God's will be done!

  HE lived The Way!
  HE died for The Truth!
  HE rose to The Life!        (He IS all three!)

  HE did not abandon us!
     He left us an example!
     He left us the lechem min hashomayim, the Panis Angelicus!
     He left us the Kos Yeshuah, the Sanguis Christi!
     He left us the Parakletos, the Paracletus!
     He left us the Ekklesia, the Ecclesiam!
     He fullfilled the Lex and the Prophetae!

  If we eat THIS bread and drink THIS cup
     we abide in HIM and HE in Us!

  By the Parakletos we are united in HIM with God!
  By dying with HIM we are reborn to eternal life!
  And we share HIS seat in the Kingdom!



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