Chaos is not necessarily a one-way street to destruction.

Chaos is not necessarily a one-way street to destruction.

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One can see this in episode 90 of Carlson’s interviews posted on X (formerly Twitter - one can get there via or Here it is… Episode 90.

Please note: I am not recommending you invest in his enterprise. Such things are subject to immense challenges. They can (and I mean “can”, not “will”) also be a place where big investors see something positive.

Chaos happens in all areas of human endeavor - including marriage, education, mathematics, science, technology, literature, art, music, economics, politics, government, war and peace. When inspired leaders see a way through the resulting jungle, they invest their talents and energies to hack their way through. We are in the midst of such a time in many of these areas.

Note, also, that such times of chaos are times when God and Satan are heavily involved. Satan’s desire, generally, is to throw participants into greater and greater chaos. God’s desire is to help people find ways through the chaos that lead to human development, especially spiritual and moral development.

Human will is our variable here. Even if we fail (as in the Great Depression, the Fascist and Communist Revolutions, major government leaders tilting away from fundamental principles to pursue financial or power gains) it is still possible for wisdom and prudence to win out.


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