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Cardinal Gagnon

Go immediately and submit your resignations to the Holy Father. One of the responsibilities of bishops is to pronounce moral judgments in such a way that the faithful know clearly what is right and what is wrong.

Bishop Gagnon, 1974 statement to the bishops of Europe who were openly critical of Humanae Vitae.

Catholicism is not a supermarket faith. Irrespective of what various theologians have said, being a Catholic means a complete acceptance of the dogmas of the Church. There is no place for a "pick and choose" Catholicism or "supermarket Catholicism"; the official teaching of the Church cannot be rejected by anyone who wishes to be a faithful Catholic.

Edouard Cardinal Gagnon, quoted from an interview in The Wanderer, September 29, 1983.

In your country… there is a manipulation of nationalism, which attempts to portray the Church against the country and all that… people are taught to say, oh, because you cannot understand our consumerist way of life, that is why you hold to Catholic truth… It's an ancient problem.

Cardinal Gagnon, quoted in The Wanderer in 1985, regarding the latent schism in the U.S.

We have arrived at the point where not only do we forget the rights of our neighbor or try to find what will fulfill us materially, or even in certain ways spiritually, we often forget our duty toward others on earth.

Most of all we have arrived at the moment where we ignore our duties toward God, Our Creator, the one who gives us life in a very personal and individual way and who maintains us in life every day. We have forgotten that we have duties toward Him. There have been many discussions on abortion and on contraception and sterilization. People talk of freedom of conscience and their rights and their right to choose abortion, [but] they are contradicting the rights of the human being that is unborn. When you come to contraception, so many declarations have been made that it is something to be left to the 'conscience' of people. They have to decide according to their situation, their means, and their social condition; but you very seldom hear that we have to take a decision that will respect the rights of God, God our Creator, the God who has a right to give us laws.

Cardinal Gagnon, from the 1988 Church Teaches Forum in Louisville, Kentucky.