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Two Can Tango

There was an old man, named Simon Legree,
whose ill-gotten gains were filthy lucree.
'Tis painful to state
his sorrowful fate
when he stood at the gate before Simon the Pete.

A middle aged man, named Zachaeus,
Encountered the Lord they called Jesus.
He got down from his tree,
and confessed on his knee,
and avoided the fate of Legree, thus.

Master of Creation


Master of Creation

Let there be light!

  He is the Master of the urim and thummim, and Moses' curious bush;
  Master of Einstein's dice, and the fate of Schroedinger's cat.
  He is the Master of past, present and future,
     who sees all, knows all and touches all.
  He who illumines the tiniest barbule of the tiniest wren,
     and who invented the mathematics of reality,
     can also find the Lorenzian butterfly's optimal control point
  and turn the storms of history toward a golden path.

Post Primary Traumatic Stress Disorder

Are you suffering from PPTSD? Never fear, help is only a few short therapy sessions away!

Pope Francis' prayer intentions for July, 2016

VATICAN CITY, 30 June 2016 (VIS) - Pope Francis' universal prayer intention for July is: "That indigenous peoples, whose identity and very existence are threatened, will be shown due respect".

His intention for evangelization is: "That the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean, by means of her mission to the continent, may announce the Gospel with renewed vigour and enthusiasm".

Published by VISarchive - June 30, 2016

Pope Francis' prayer intentions for June, 2016


VATICAN CITY, 31 May 2016 (VIS) - Pope Francis' universal prayer intention for June is: "That the aged, marginalised, and those who have no-one may find, even within the huge cities of the world, opportunities for encounter and solidarity".

His intention for evangelization is: "That seminarians and men and women entering religious life may have mentors who live the joy of the Gospel and prepare them wisely for their mission".

Published by VISarchive - May 31, 2016


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